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Month: April 2021

More Recent Additions!

A bunch of new stuff has been added to the website! I uploaded over 50 more images to the Drawings and Paintings galleries, featuring some work of mine I had thought was long lost and forgotten – some of it dating all the way back to 1990! I hope that you’ll enjoy taking another look through the galleries if you’ve already visited this site.

Additionally, three new products have been added to the shop. The Pride Bubblyskull Keychain, the Make More Mixtapes Sticker, and the JDecker 2021 Spring Sticker Pack+ collection. The latter being a great deal if you’re interested in picking up some of my stuff, as you save a total of $6 compared to if you bought everything included on its own – and one of the items cannot even be purchased on its own!

Recent Additions

I’ve added a couple of new sticker designs to the shop! The most recent version of the iconic Grindthieves lionstar graphic logo and the 8bit Bassface graphic pulled from a classic Grindthieves live event advert. Both are full color, die cut, thick vinyl stickers suitable for slapping up anywhere and on anything, go swoop some up!

In keeping with the theme surrounding Grindthieves, I’ve added a link to the Grindthieves blog to this here fine website, find it in the menu to the left. I don’t update the blog as often as I did in its heyday but I will still be throwing up reviews and information there as time and interest allow. If you like weirdo art, music, film, games, and more – please be sure to check it out. It too, of course, now links back here.


Welcome to the new and improved! I have entirely overhauled the website and streamlined the entire experience for a much more robust and smooth visit, I hope that you dig it.

Of special note is the integration of the ecommerce store directly through the website itself. It can manage payments, orders, inventory, products, notifications and more all right here on the website. Don’t worry, your sensitive information is encrypted and I’ll never see it. Additionally, your personal information is safe with me – I’ll never sell it or use it to spam you with messages or advertisements.

I’ve got a number of new products up that I’ve teased on various social media platforms as they’ve arrived at my doorstep, as well as the first volume of my book and a one of a kind canvas print. I still have a few more products coming in the mail over the next few days. I will announce them here and elsewhere as soon as they’re available. I’m really excited about this whole thing! One of a kind drawings, paintings and limited edition prints and such things will also be listed first here on the website as they become available, so be sure to bookmark and check back frequently.

Thanks for everyone’s support over the years, and recently. The support I got for the experiment that is the first volume of my logo book was truly amazing – I had absolutely no idea there would be so much interest in it and I can’t thank you all enough!

Here’s to new and bigger and better things, cheers!