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Recent Additions

I’ve added a couple of new sticker designs to the shop! The most recent version of the iconic Grindthieves lionstar graphic logo and the 8bit Bassface graphic pulled from a classic Grindthieves live event advert. Both are full color, die cut, thick vinyl stickers suitable for slapping up anywhere and on anything, go swoop some up!

In keeping with the theme surrounding Grindthieves, I’ve added a link to the Grindthieves blog to this here fine website, find it in the menu to the left. I don’t update the blog as often as I did in its heyday but I will still be throwing up reviews and information there as time and interest allow. If you like weirdo art, music, film, games, and more – please be sure to check it out. It too, of course, now links back here.

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