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Month: July 2021

MPLSART Sketchbook Project 2021

I’m taking part in this years MPLSART Sketchbook Project 2021. Very honored to be included in this unique project by artists in my area. From the project website:

“The MPLSART Sketchbook Project was launched in Fall 2020 as a way to connect artists in the Twin Cities and give them a much needed financial boost. 69 artists contributed 120 pages of artwork to five traveling sketchbooks. The sketchbooks were collected into a limited edition hardcover book funded through a successful kickstarter. Additionally, the five original sketchbooks became a part of the permenant collection of the Minnesota Museum of American Art. All net-proceeds were distributed to the 69 artists to the tune of $350 each. Learn more about the 2020 Sketchbook project.”

“2021 continues to have many of same challenges as last year and the need that the 2020 project filled is still with us. To continue to support artists this year, we’re launching the 2021 Sketchbook Project. Participating artists will contribute up to two pages to one of five sketchbooks and then hand the sketchbook off to the next artist in line. In Spring 2022, we will auction off the sketchbooks and produce a collected book. All profits, after expenses, will be divided among the participating artists.”

Over 30 artists across 5 sketchbooks, travelling around the Minneapolis area from artist to artist, each leaving their own unique mark. Such a really cool thing to see as a work in progress, to be able to add to, and to see what the final outcome looks like.

Look for the hashtags #mplsartSketchbookProject and #mplsSketchbookProject2021 across your social medias for other artists sharing their works in their respective books and for more information.

I’ll be sure to post here big news regarding the project and my work, as well.

Open For Commission!

Summer session of school is complete and I have about a month before I start fall semester, so I am officially open and available for commission work – get in touch if you’re after a logo, merch design, or other artwork!