BoomBaptist – “COVID The Earth”

Releasing with one of the best takes on The Pandemic, BoomBaptist drops a beat tape titled “COVID The Earth” with accompanying artwork to match the spoof of the Sherwin-Williams tagline and graphic.

BoomBaptist keeps the vibe light with song titles like “ZoomBaptist”, “Quarantine Dream Team”, “Wuhan, Got You All In Check”, and “The President’s Twitter, tho”. But it’s pretty evident he’s just about over it all like the rest of us.

Forever on the forward thinking, emotive, soundscape hip hop beat production, BoomBaptist delivers his usual flavors fresh for the final quarter of the year and as we watch the sun set on our current political situation.

Without verses to accompany these beats, some people might find it difficult to extrapolate from sound to intent, but I feel the notion and mood and meaning behinds these tracks fully. I feel like he wrote them and released them with the specific intent that fed up and politically charged MCs would find them and then rhyme over them. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, this is a stellar beat tape you should get into.

BoomBaptist – “COVID The Earth” on Bandcamp.

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