Grindthieves Podcast NU001 – Tribute to Coma Recordz

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t come with a fresh new debut mix for the Grindthieves podcast series right after we re-launched. And it wouldn’t be right if Grindthieves and myself, The Artbreaker, didn’t pay our respects and celebrate the life of one we recently lost.

Those familiar with Grindthieves of old will surely also be familiar with the Coma Recordz netlabel, as they were reviewed and featured heavily on the pages of the Grindthieves blog back in the day. I did a few mixes for their podcast series tha nOdcast, as well.

We recently lost Ras Edward aka sOul_sCientiSt who ran the Coma Recordz label for just over 10 years. I considered him a real friend and a true kindred spirit. He had a way about him that made him a perfect candidate for spearheading a netlabel, let alone one as diverse and boundary defying as Coma Recordz. He had his own demons he wrestled with day and night, but was simultaneously one of the most kind and giving and insightful people I was lucky enough to ever collaborate with and appreciate as a member of the netlabel community we were so deep in years back.

For the first episode of the new Grindthieves podcast series I, obviously, had to do a tribute to Coma Recordz mix. It features a varied selection of material released on the label over the years, with a few of the tracks Ras produced himself under the sOul_sCientiSt alias. The mix features lots of breakbeats of all shapes and sizes, is undeniably a little dark and a bit experimental, rough around the edges in places and takes breaks in true ambient and noise territories. Bigup Ras and the entire Coma Recordz family. I am going to eternally miss your random messages, our stream of consciousness collaborative discussions, and continued output from the label. I hope you approve, king. Bless up.

Grindthieves Podcast Nu001 mixed by The Artbreaker
Tribute to Coma Recordz

(listen | download)
Wackford Squares – “Hover Couch”
dreDDup – “We Fuck Until Dawn”
R-Type & 666gangstaz – “The Most Beautiful Ugly Sound”
Technicolor Yawn – “Stagger”
Bethas – “Fade Away”
sOul_sCientiSt – “Come Healing (Burn The Witch)”
sOul_sCientiSt – “Heartwork”
Brain Influenza – “Leichunfund”
TalixZen – “Dirt Broke Rock Bottom”
sOul_sCientiSt – “Nameless Thingz With No Memory”
Slawowycz – “Low Rider (2 18 Remix)”
Crivellator – “I Corrupted The Bootloader”
SAFOH – “In Da House”
DJ Kaos – “Chaos 50”
Leftfield – “Swords (Nebulist Remix)”
Doctor Mario – “Beg 4 Life 2012”
Garde Forestier – “A l’emporte PiĆ©ce”
Helaku – “A Spell To Make You Well”
Ickymack – “Dark Matter”
J.A.H. Tolkien – “Laser Guided Drone Attack Dub”
King Spooky Pickles – “ALL YER BASE”
Nebulist – “Realm Of Hyper Unrealizm”
Noistruct – “Grief”

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