Mugen Gitai 無限擬態 – “Human Revolution”

No Problema Tapes is, as far as I can tell, the most prolific label releasing cassettes in the realms of ambient, vaporwave, synthwave, plunderphonics, and all types of worthwhile heady electronic music.

Anyone who knows me personally knows my infatuation and obsession with the cassette medium, so of course I would eventually find my way to No Problema Tapes. Unfortunately, I was a bit late and currently my pocket book doesn’t allow me to engage with the output as much as I would like. In the few short months I’ve been following the label they have dropped over a dozen new releases on cassette. They’ve also dabbled in vinyl and CD formats.

The thing that really strikes me about this label when discussing the physical media is how forward thinking they are, how artisan like they prepare and present releases, how they are really and truly tapping into the ways the cassette (and other physical) media has evolved in the 50+ years since it first debuted.

From clever and cute and truly artistic packaging, to full body shell print, to extras in the case with the cassette, to O-cards, and more. No Problema Tapes really delivers – no problema! Everything they do is professional and well executed on the physical front, and the music they release is top shelf, too.

Enter “Human Revolution” from the producer Mugen Gitai 無限擬態. Evolving from several movements of lush ambient and synth/vapor-wave induced works towards trance evoking moments of EDM without percussion, dropping into Burial inspired so-called lo-fi garage/dubstep, heading into truly progressive techno tinged affairs, circling back for weirdo electro jungle shenanigans, kicking out a true melodic industrial verse here and there – you’ll never be bored with “Human Revolution” and it stands as a testament to varied influences and is assembled impeccably. Delivered on the digital imprint for No Problema Tapes without a physical release, any true discerning listeners will find themselves wondering why this title didn’t get picked up for cassette or CD version. And in the query will also understand how great the physical releases truly are.

Mugen Gitai 無限擬態 – “Human Revolution” on Bandcamp.

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