Stone Brewing Co. – FML (Fear Movie Lions) Double IPA

Immediately crispy and aromatic upon opening, a delightful dance on the tongue with the first sip – robust and familiar, but drinkable and lightheartedly crisp. Potent without being over-powering, hops flavors linger on the tail end while citrus flavors first attack the taste buds in a fun and enjoyable first sip.

Enjoyed straight out of the can here, as opposed to a glass pour, it looks to be a light colored and unassuming beer for its ABV. Third sip in I can tell it’s a reasonably well placed middle weight at 8.5%, but it doesn’t smell or drink or look like it on initial sips. Very un-assuming. A beer that is drinkable and could get you in trouble.

With repeated sips it takes on a more nuanced flavor pallet, full of finite but noticeable notes, without becoming too detailed to not be drinkable for drinkability’s sake.

A great mid/high ABV IPA that is both moderately complex and drinkable.

10 years ago I thought Stone was the brewery by which all others should gauge their efforts, but have since learned otherwise. That said, when it comes to a powerful and enjoyable IPA that packs a punch – this is probably their best yet.

In my area, they sell 1 pint 3.2 fl oz cans individually at $2.99 and that is a great price for even a 4 pack scenario. Which is all you’d need to enjoy an evening an potentially get in trouble.

I’ll give it a good ole 3.0 out of 4.0 rating, whatever that means.

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