The Artbreaker featuring Ivory Dome – “Noctember”

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen The Artbreaker and Ivory Dome collaborate, but if you’ve been around us for any length of time you know we’ve done it many times over the years under a variety of names.

A while back I released an album that had this beat on it as an instrumental and while I was writing the beat I imagined Ivory Dome bars over it the entire time. I sent him the beat and told him I thought he should rap on it. He thought he should, too. This is, essentially, the version he sent back to me. I threw a couple vocal shouts in the beginning and in outro that I pulled from his original vocals. and some extras he sent along.

The beat is a kind of murky, laidback, spaced out joint and Ivory Dome‘s bars show his unique ability to weave numerous variously related topics into a single cohesive 3 or 4 minute unit.

We hope you enjoy it, but if it hits a nerve – good.

The Artbreaker featuring Ivory Dome – “Noctember” on Bandcamp.

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