Ronin – “Ronin Audio 01”

Is this Minimal Skullstep? Lockjaw Breaks? Upfront Maximalism? Industrialized Neuro Core?

IDK, I guess I just figured some kid tried to rebrand a good oldschool weirdo hardcore breakbeat tune and B-side into some unknown niche scenester cvlt I wasn’t privy to, especially if it smelled of even the most faint levels of originality and experimentation.

Like these couple tunes from 20ish year veteran Ronin.

Hardcore drum’n’bass, skullstep flourishes, clever chops, gabber kicks, Amen breaks, it is familiar enough to cut a rug to without much thought, but it is also a couple tracks of really great breaky heady hardcore produced immaculately.

I’m super into these minimal yet skullstep style breaks, when the choppage or the gabber kicks come in – it’s over! Not mind melting and fairly middle of the experimental road – these Ronin tunes are hardcore drum’n’bass greatness that tiptoes into hardcore/hardstyle territories here and there and trance or techno realms there and here.

Put it all together and you get Ronin Audio. Full support!

Ronin Audio 01 on Bandcamp.

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