Nano.strike – “The Pestilence Is Ours”

Remember breakcore? Grindthieves remembers.

So does Nano.strike.

When I saw this one come up, I initially wondered if it was the same Nano.strike I did a logo for some years back. When I found that it was one in the same, I became incredibly excited to check this release.

Seven years ago “Data With A Soul” was released by Nano.strike on the amazing Encounters Records. It features the logo I designed those many years back and offers up a much different version of themselves compared to the newest offering, available on Mobcore Chicago Records.

Where “Data With A Soul” was very IDM-ish in the treatment of breakbeat samples, coupled with analog sounds and heavy melodic work via atmosphere and synth lines – “The Pestilence Is Ours” is pure intelligent breakcore of the highest order – familiar enough through sample use to be inviting, forward thinking enough with samples and original sounds to push it to the next level.

Where “Data With A Soul” offered comforting passages and low stress inclusion of both breaks and bass while still being interesting, “The Pestilence Is Ours” thrives and works heavily in the alternate realms of breaks and bass – focusing on them first, with low stress inclusion of melodies and so forth anywhere therein, while still being interesting.

Three tracks of pure breakcore brilliance that should not be slept on!

Nano.strike – “The Pestilence Is Ours” on Bandcamp.

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