Grindthieves Podcast NU003 – Tribute to The Worst Label

One of the earliest posts on this particular reboot of Grindthieves focused on The Worst Label, after my stumbling on them by way of the Coma Recordz (R.I.P. Ras Edward!) artist Bethas. I found more of their work on The Worst Label and then I had to check out everything else because I enjoy Bethas’ work so much.

I have listened to this entire discography repeatedly since then and I would be remiss if I didn’t do a label tribute mix as a podcast. So I did. So here we are.

I’m sort of a nerd for breakbeats and edits of them, so when a label releases a bunch of material that is primarily gnarly, unique, creative, fresh, original, experimental, green, never done before breakbeat edits along with some unique, clever, and original mindset and/or label aim – I’m into it. And let’s be honest, that’s what most of The Worst Label is. Breakbeats edited in an atypical fashion or in a way that is familiar but also spiced up with something else. With special focus on anime samples in a language I don’t read or write, I appreciate the breaks from the label more than I normally would. Someone could’ve sampled Dr. Dre and spiced these edits up with that and it would get me hype, instead the samples are just nice sounding, perfectly fitting, gibberish (to me) – so the drums, themselves, along with the melody or synth work, becomes the focus and I get to enjoy edits for edits sake.

It is about more than just breakbeat edits, though, to be certain. There’s some great sound design, some remarkable melody work, and just interesting songwriting. Most of the material on the label is breakcore or breakcore-adjacent. There’s some hardcore, IDM, drum’n’bass, ambient, noise, straight up jungle, techno, experimental electronics, and even a few emo guitar based releases – and everything between and around all of that – and I enjoy them all to one degree or another. But breakcore, as a concept, is a unifying factor or notion, no question.

The label boasts over 110 releases, so as much as I would’ve liked to pick a track from each release and figure out how to put them all together in a mix, I had to pick and choose material to play. I inevitably stayed more along the paths of breakcore and jungle, not surprisingly, but do take some trips into other dimensions of sound found on the label. I’m not the worlds greatest DJ and I picked tunes I liked over their mixability in some instances, trying to connect dots beyond simply BPM. The end result is a little random, a morphing yet cohesive mix of stuff you’ll find sitting on the shelf next to each other on the label roster. I also grabbed a few anime samples and dropped ’em in post-mix for added flair in that department which the label seems to focus on.

Anyhow, here is the 3rd podcast installment since re-booting (again). It is the 3rd of 3 that showcases a netlabel and I’m wondering if I shouldn’t try to stick to that whenever possible. The original Grindthieves was all about the DIY and netlabel scene. Things have changed a lot. But I think I wanna try and keep that spirit in mind and alive whenever possible and moved to share netlabel work.

But, I digress. Whatever your faith or belief system, I hope you get to or got to or are going to enjoy the celebration and take/took a momentary reprieve from *gestures broadly at everything around me*. Here’s some sonic madness to get wrapped in, in the meantime.

Without further ado…

Grindthieves Podcast Nu003 mixed by The Artbreaker
Tribute to The Worst Label

(listen | download)
AKAZI – “woke up late today”
Minogame – “Calculated Risk”
tarutrit – “ode to friendship”
Nekophiliac – “1$”
Gulloe – “High School”
Bukiko – “Noctilucent”
Repeat Mistakes – “virgin post-breakcore”
Ema-go’nim – “water tastes better when you’re thirsty”
Neurolucifer – “Meatspace”
Emray – “Candid Sleep”
Ergo Proxy interlude
Ribbon Ripple – “Romance in the Sky Castle”
Bethas – “Coma”
Rotten Blood – “175#4ЯД70Д13”
yeongrak – “in doing so”
SyndraSound – “Cafécore”
Hixory – “Learn Words”
Moor gault – “puppy venom”
Ariflare – “âUüEâÅü[âïâh”
Napkin Terrorizer – “everybody loves somebody”

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