Sherelle – “Radio 1’s Essential Mix, Nov 14 2020”

I first caught wind of Sherelle due to her Boiler Room performance earlier this year, where she dropped that Fixate bootleg of “Ripgroove” and everyone in the dance immediately lost their shit. Real goosebumps type shit. There was a lot of other great moments in that set, but that’s the one that sticks out for me. The whole set is comprised of rave, footwork and jungle tekno bangers from front to back. Sherelle isn’t a flawless DJ, but she’s gotdamn good, often enough mixing in a less than straight forward one-for-one beatmatch scenario, and she has a special knack for picking tracks – and picking tracks that work well together. She’s clever on the technical front and has a great stage presence, to boot.

She did a mix for Radio 1’s Essential Mix show at the end of November this year that earned her the Essential Mix Of The Year award. Well. Fucking. Deserved. Holy shit this thing slappppppps! It starts off with a few ripping techno acid joints and then gets into some footwork, jungle, and breakbeat hardcore. The selection feels very purposeful, a telling of a story type purposeful. Any mix with Foul Play‘s “Feel The Vibe” is probably worth checking though, and this one is no exception – and potentially the best mix I’ve ever heard it played in. Sherelle rips through certified bangers, new and old, from the second she puts the needle down on the first record and doesn’t stop until the last tune – pure 160+ BPM goodness. (Yes, she may not have used an actual needle at all, but you get the point.)

She graces the cover of December’s DJ Mag on the heels of winning Essential Mix Of The Year. Another well deserved notch on the rise to greatness for Sherelle. If she can keep bringing these sounds to the masses and they’ll continue to be as well received, after years of just clownshoes drum’n’bass and trance being the “big sounds”, I’m all kinds of here for it. Seeing the hometown hero General Malice as the final tune played – you know this one holds an even more special place for me.

Without further ado, hit the link and turn it up and brock out!

Sherelle – “Radio 1’s Essential Mix” (November 14, 2020)

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