Aurgelmir – “Lairs Of The Underground”

As Aurgelmir – and there’s probably only, like, one of you reading this that knew of this alias previously – I craft my take on the dungeon synth genre. As with all my work, my version or my take is some sort of wallflower influenced type shit, residing somewhere around the core of the genre, but working well outside of it at the same time.

I had half a dozen singles up on Bandcamp that were written over the last couple of years, with a full length album themed in the same way promised later on. Then Covid-19 hit and some of the material just didn’t feel right or was titled in a way that could, in retrospect, be deemed insensitive.

I took my favorite elements from the previously available singles, as well as some outtake materials and put em all together to provide a 5 minute sonic map to the Lairs Of The Underground.

Aurgelmir – “Lairs Of The Underground”

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