The Artbreaker – “Lupid”

As The Artbreaker, I’m mostly known for, like, what I like to call “junglecore”. Jungle, breakcore, drum’n’bass, breakbeat based weirdo electronics, and anything typically on the harder or more extreme end of the spectrum – outsider music, difficult listening, whatever you wanna call it. But, I’ve definitely dabbled in house, techno, dubstep, hip hop, drone, ambient, noise, lo-fi everything, and beyond on my journey, though.

2020 has forced me, in some unknown way, to take more time out with simpler pleasures. And I’ve fallen head over heels in love with lo-fi house, lo-fi hip hop, and the resurgence of vaporwave. All of those things sound like buzzwords I pulled from some sub-reddit – but truthfully, I’ve been into these sounds for a while and you’ll know this if you’ve managed to catch me at any point along the way in the Grindthieves journey.

For “Lupid”, I delve into super stripped down and slowed down boom bap beats, sample a Folger’s coffee commercial, and toss in some guitar plucks here and there. At 1 minute and 21 seconds, it packs in a lot of extrapolation and expounds on that even further. If you have an MP3 player that can seamlessly loop a file – listen to it that way and lemme know when you stopped letting it replay. I’m considering releasing the .IT tracker file if anyone is interested enough, if you tick the loop box in the settings of the .IT file it plays seamlessly and I’m not even sure how many times in a row it’s played before I’ve stopped it, at this point. Granted I’ve been the one making it, but…

The Artbreaker – “Lupid”
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