CRT麻痺 – Wintertide Isolation

Since I got back on Twitter, after getting off of Facebook (best decision I’ve personally made in about a decade, to be clear, but Grindthieves still maintains a presence), I’ve found myself following a wide array of lofi hip hop, lofi house, vaporwave, synthwave, dungeon synth, ambient, and overall downtempo aimed projects and labels. It adds up, obviously, as that’s ben the core of my output as a producer for the last many months now.

I discovered this album from following holoJamz on Twitter. The title and album cover spoke to me, specifically today because I spent a couple of hours driving around my Minnesota home areas and taking photos of the winter brilliance. Then, coming home, saw this.

The ebb and flow of the tracks is very much like a weekend winter storm, the melodies are warm and lush like a fireplace and pot of cocoa, The production is, of course, lofi, but also deftly layered and manicured.

It’s 15 minutes of winter if winter were music.

CRT麻痺 – Wintertide Isolation on Bandcamp.

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