Let’s Go!

Let’s Go!

I’ve been sculpting this dream and talking about it and educating myself on it and now is the time.

Pulling all the obstacles out of the way and putting everything I have into the dream of living as off grid as possible while also enjoying mobile living.

Day Zero here, to be certain, but I want to document the experience and the progress. Besides, I do better with lists and written records and a sort of sense of responsibility to add content and maintain a cohesive experience – if for no one other than me and to look back upon later or as we go. A website is about the most mobile way I can think of to accomplish this, as I can access it any where at any time.

My goal right now is to do a box van/truck conversion. Something like a U-Haul or Penske rental truck. A 26 footer would be amazing, but that’s more room than I need which would cost a lot more to make happen and keep moving down the road. I’m just one guy – or will be when I’m ready to hit the open road, save for my little chihuahua mix Ella (universe willing, she’ll still with me when it’s time to go).

At any rate, I’ve spent some time with this dream and how I want to archive it here. I hope you’ll get some sort of enjoyment from it, however you made your way here.

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