Hey there. My name is Josh Decker. I’ve been a full time single father of two for about 15 years. I’ve held down a variety of jobs – everything from prep cook to call center representative to truck driver to graphic designer to the guy who buries your loved ones. In addition to that, for nearly 30 years I have been an artist, for hire and otherwise, most closely working with the music world while kicking out my own peculiarities. Currently I am a laser machine operator for aerospace and medical industries.

About 5 years ago I caught the bug to get a van and do the “vannin'” thing. You know, classic tricked out van for fun and occasional travel. Think the 70s and you’re probably right about where I was when I first got the itch. In the 5 years that have followed, I’ve realized that I won’t be responsible for these kids forever and, in fact, one has already moved out and gone on to do their own thing with one not far behind, methinks. I have realized that I’m not the city boy I was in my teens and 20s, I crave nature and the great out doors and solitude. Thus, the vannin’ dream has evolved into wanting to live a mobile life and one as far off the grid as possible. Some people are doing tiny houses, some people are doing RVs with the sedan pulled behind, and others are turning all sorts of vehicles into true mobile homes.

I fancy myself as the latter.

And this is my journey. From the dream years ago to putting the dream into action today, and every day forward.