Outta Site, Outta mind.

A conversation I’ve been having with close friends and family has been heavily rooted around social media and how once you’ve been active and decide to step back from it, you seemingly no longer exist.

Social media has been a love/hate relationship for me from the jump. We’re talking before MySpace. Convenience is nice, community is great, collaboration is amazing. But from the days of BBS and IRC through to LiveJournal on to MySpace through to forums into the realm that finds Facebook nearly a requirement to engage or interact on any other platform – I’m over it, fam.

In addition to my personal feelings about how invasive and capitalist the platform has become, once I left – creeping up on two weeks now – not even 1 out of 10 people have bothered to reach out to me. People who claim to be concerned with and supportive of and everything in between. Additionally, I am now fighting a battle via Facebook and PayPal for some design/layout work, wherein I was never contacted outside of Facebook to follow up before filing a PayPal dispute despite having interacted via email to a good degree. No. My failure to respond via Facebook coupled with their inability (?) to reach out via email, where most our work was happening, deemed it necessary to file a PayPal dispute for work that was only 28 days deep and which had no deadline.

Instant gratification by way of the internet and smart phones and tablets and constant connectivity have ruined us as a species, and I scoff at using the term species – because that is not a world I am comfortable in, but am indeed human and a part of it.

I am off Facebook and Twitter and Instagram, personally. For any one of my artistic endeavors, you’re going to be hard pressed to find any regular activity, as well – registered, occasional engagement for sure, but I am not checking any of them with any regularity.

I continue to work.

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