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I have been creating art as long as I can remember. For over thirty years the world of music has inspired and fueled my creative output. Logo art and design, merchandise artwork, concert posters and album covers have been the focus of my work. I began working with bands, creating logos and flyers to promote their efforts focusing on designs that could last an entire career. Eventually I found computers and graphic design. This accelerated my efforts doing posters and flyer design. I do flyer and poster art for every facet of the music scene. From metal to house music, I create unique and original designs for a wide variety of clients, both print and digital. I have professional experience doing advertising and packaging design full time, creating and fulfilling artwork and copy for a wide variety of health and beauty products.

Aside from visual art, I have also been active in the creation of music for almost 20 years. Beginning my career in music as an experimental electronic music producer, I have since gone on to create works in a cross section of genres and avenues. I created two widely respected record labels and ran a successful blog reviewing and occasionally releasing music from a wide and varied sphere of musical output. I have released 12” records as well as a large array of digital releases.

More recently I have focused my work on logo design and highly detailed works for album covers, merchandise, and home display. My work has been featured on hundreds of original merchandise designs, flyers, posters and album covers. My visual art has found its most true voice in the form of these highly detailed work, as well as one of a kind experimental and forward thinking mixed media pieces.


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