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Welcome, welcome one and all!

After a tumultuous, oh, I don’t know, 30 years or so, I am pleased to welcome you all to the new home for yours truly – JDecker!

Here you will find all of the best of the best art, design, music, etc endeavors of yours truly. I have done my best to select only the top tier pieces from my body of work across all mediums and share them here. And I will continue to only update this site, as a whole. with what I consider to be such.

For those new to my efforts or who might have forgotten about some of my endeavors, I have been working in art/design for 30+ years and have been making music for about 15 of those 30 years. As the website currently stands, I think it features all of my best visual efforts and stands to display my best sonic ventures. With specific regard to the latter, I am currently working at collecting more of the music I’ve made to share here – after, what seems like, countless hard drive crashes or losses of files due to hosting concerns or some thing or another- so please check back for more of that.

I will be using the blog component to the whole of this website to update about additions to both the visual and sonic pieces of my puzzle. Eventually, I hope to include information and documentation regarding my efforts to build a vehicle and use it to live off-grid in a sustainable fashion. Additionally, I feel like this is probably a good place to share my stories as a sort of weirdo left-field father – but not just father, full time single father – of two teenagers.

I might update the efforts and endeavors of this one stop spot for my efforts as I see fit, but I hope you’ll carry on with me through them all, regardless.

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