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Being a visual artist who works primarily with bands and musicians, one of the greatest perks of the work I do is seeing the physical manifestation of the work I create outside of the original piece I’ve done. Album covers, flyers, t-shirts, and the like. Getting to see what clients do with the work I create is so awesome and humbling. When I am able to acquire some of the products they put my work on, it’s even better.

Today I got to see that the drummer from Reflection Of Flesh got the logo I created for their band printed on his bass drum head. This is after seeing the logo branded on the side of signature drumsticks. This dude – and the whole band – are all in, let me tell you.

I did the original logo, some early merchandise designs, and their debut CD cover and layout. Truly an honor to work with these guys and see where they are headed next. Definitely buy their stuff, listen to their stuff, and go see them live if they come to your part of the world.

Also today, I received my copy of the “Fuck Doom” debut release from Decarabia, for whom I crafted the logo and album cover for. I caught these guys at a show here last summer and they fucking blew me away. Amazing two-piece ultra heavy slow like molasses doom and sludge of the highest order. They were both super cool dudes to talk with and hang with after the show. Friends of friends, it turned out that I was recommended enough when they were seeking an artist for this release that they found me a good fit and it all worked out to end up happening.

Go pick up your own copy, support their studio/label High Like A Dog Records, and check them out if they hit your town at all costs – you won’t be disappointed, I guarantee it.

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