The Artbreaker Discography Available Once More – Almost Entirely!

I spent a long while trying to erase myself from the internet over the years, only to finally realize that:

A – It’s not possible
B – A lot people don’t want that

So, I’ve collected the largest cross-section of my music as The Artbreaker on the newly launched Bandcamp page associated with that namesake. Right now, rough;y 75% of my output as The Artbreaker is there. This includes a good chunk of vinyl releases now digitized, most of the stuff from my Bludclot Recordings netlabel that I ran, and bits and pieces from other labels – both physical and digital – that I released music with over the years. This is easily the largest one stop shop for my music, even at just about 75% of it, that’s ever been collected in on place.

You can purchase individual tracks for just $1.00USD or albums and EPs for no more than $6.66USD – most of them much less than that – or the entire available discography for right around $25USD. Please do any combination of those.

Follow, share, buy, support!

The Artbreaker on Bandcamp

New Premade Design Available!

I’ve finished a new premade illustration that can be used for merchandise, album covers, clothing designs, logos, or whatever your heart and mind can imagine.

Colors can be edited, background can be kept or removed or edited, logo text can be edited – the possibilities are endless! Once purchased, include your current and correct email address in order notes and I will reach out to discuss specific needs and/or deliver print ready and project files.

Magic In A Bottle

I Have Released My First Vector Resource Pack!

I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of my first vector resource kit/pack!

I received such great support during my efforts in the #Drawloween run before – and since, surprisingly! – I left social media that I felt I had to do something with these fun and quirky and spoopy drawings. Some people expressed interest in getting some of them tattooed, some people simply wanted to own the original drawing, and others expressed interest in expounding upon the drawings I created for this month’s fun drawing challenge.

I decided to teach myself a couple of things and offer some of the better offerings from #Drawloween as a vector flash/arsenal pack. The end result is 11 hand drawn pieces inspired by the season and holiday, delivered in both vector and high resolution raster formats. They are royalty free and require no credit when used.

So get creative! Decorate your home for Halloween, get that spooky tattoo you always wanted, take these bits and pieces and turn them into something new and fresh and unique by combining them with other assetts and brushes and colors and textures. The possibilities are endless!

JDecker’s Spoopy Seasonal
Digital Flash/Design Arsenal
Vector Pack

Drawloween AKA Inktober + updates

Before I jumped off of social media (best decision I’ve made in so many years that I can’t even remember a decision that was this great before it), I was nominated to do the #Drawloween aka #Inktober thing. I got through about 20 of them while I was still on social media, but I kept going after that fact because it was a cathartic and therapeutic exercise. In fact, I finished early.

For those unfamiliar or uninitiated, #Drawloween aka #Inktober is a thing where artists spend a day, every day throughout October, creating an original piece based on the predetermined subject matter list associated with each day of the month/holiday. It’s mostly geared towards visual artists – especially people who like to draw – but it’s open for interpretation and there are about 20 different versions and lists based on preferred specialty and skill.

At any rate, I kept up with the task while on social media, before I got off of social media.

Some days I fell behind and some days I got a jump start.

There’s really no “rules”, so to speak, other than the subject matter. However, as I have a tendency to spend and inordinate amount of time on my drawings, I thought it would be fun to impose a short time limit on my efforts. I decided on five minutes. Thus, about 97% of my offerings were done in five minutes or less. There’s a couplefew that, for whatever reason, were strung out a little longer. None of them hit the ten minute mark, though.

It ended up being a pretty good project for me to get on board with, considering my style and my work load and my – at the time – creative block.

At the end of the day, here you’ve got 31 sketches/drawings based on a theme or subject matter and associated list during my favorite season of the year leading up to the only holiday that matters.

I’ve included the list it was based on and each image for each day.


On an aside, I’ve also updated my website experience with a list of radioshows, podcasts, and books I’m reading and that you should be enjoying too. Reach out if you’re into them and want to discuss their topics or subject matters – I’d love to discuss them with you.

I’ve also added a method to support this site and me, personally, financially. As well as wishlists on both Amazon and Bandcamp. Check the sidebar on your computer or the footer on your mobile device.


I’m writing a book.

After taking notes and jotting down ideas for about a year now, I have begun the arduous task of building a sort of framework for how I want the core bits and pieces to work together. Additionally, I have actually started to write passages and paragraphs in earnest. I can’t say exactly what the book is intended to be about or what it will end up turning out to be about, but a lot of the bigger and more important pieces are sketched out on paper and firmly planted at the forefront of my mind.

It will be largely based on my life and experiences, but it will not be a true autobiographical piece in the traditional sense. Rather, it will borrow heavily from places I have been, things I have experienced, relationships I have had and so on. Additionally, it will heavily feature my creative writing to expound upon true events in order to turn them into something greater and more fantastical and (hopefully) enjoyable to read for people besides myself.

I think I have lived a pretty interesting life. Friends and acquaintances surely seem to think so. With what I consider to be an atypical way of living and looking at life and all that it encompasses, I think I have an interesting and engaging story to tell and bits of supposed wisdom to share. Maybe not applicable to anyone else’s life, it should at least serve as some sort of peek under the covers of my own.

I am toying around with tossing up bits and pieces in their own little corner of this website, but that final decision has yet to be made.

New Game Plan

It’s time for a change and a change of focus. I have deleted my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles. I will be working diligently to finish commissioned work and honor professional & personal agreements as best as I’m able moving forward. But, simply put, it’s time to pull back and stop spreading myself too thin. It is taking a toll on my mental health, my physical health, and the relationships of those most directly effected by my actions – my immediate family. To be certain, I am aware and understand the toll this decision might have on people I’m close with and working for, and for that I apologize infinitely.

I am not entirely done doing commission work, but I’m essentially done doing commission work. The types of people and organizations I have found myself working with and for are, at no fault of their own, not in a position to pay adequately enough for me to continue chasing that dream. And who am I kidding, I’m not getting any younger either. So, I will do my best to honor all agreements to the best of my ability. After that, only under special circumstances or based on special relationship, will I take on new commission work in the future. Yes, this means the public engagements I’d had planned for October and next spring are also not going to happen.

It’s time to focus on my own work, my family, and the things which only serve to facilitate a healthy me.