Drawloween AKA Inktober + updates

Before I jumped off of social media (best decision I’ve made in so many years that I can’t even remember a decision that was this great before it), I was nominated to do the #Drawloween aka #Inktober thing. I got through about 20 of them while I was still on social media, but I kept going after that fact because it was a cathartic and therapeutic exercise. In fact, I finished early.

For those unfamiliar or uninitiated, #Drawloween aka #Inktober is a thing where artists spend a day, every day throughout October, creating an original piece based on the predetermined subject matter list associated with each day of the month/holiday. It’s mostly geared towards visual artists – especially people who like to draw – but it’s open for interpretation and there are about 20 different versions and lists based on preferred specialty and skill.

At any rate, I kept up with the task while on social media, before I got off of social media.

Some days I fell behind and some days I got a jump start.

There’s really no “rules”, so to speak, other than the subject matter. However, as I have a tendency to spend and inordinate amount of time on my drawings, I thought it would be fun to impose a short time limit on my efforts. I decided on five minutes. Thus, about 97% of my offerings were done in five minutes or less. There’s a couplefew that, for whatever reason, were strung out a little longer. None of them hit the ten minute mark, though.

It ended up being a pretty good project for me to get on board with, considering my style and my work load and my – at the time – creative block.

At the end of the day, here you’ve got 31 sketches/drawings based on a theme or subject matter and associated list during my favorite season of the year leading up to the only holiday that matters.

I’ve included the list it was based on and each image for each day.


On an aside, I’ve also updated my website experience with a list of radioshows, podcasts, and books I’m reading and that you should be enjoying too. Reach out if you’re into them and want to discuss their topics or subject matters – I’d love to discuss them with you.

I’ve also added a method to support this site and me, personally, financially. As well as wishlists on both Amazon and Bandcamp. Check the sidebar on your computer or the footer on your mobile device.

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