I Have Released My First Vector Resource Pack!

I am beyond thrilled to announce the release of my first vector resource kit/pack!

I received such great support during my efforts in the #Drawloween run before – and since, surprisingly! – I left social media that I felt I had to do something with these fun and quirky and spoopy drawings. Some people expressed interest in getting some of them tattooed, some people simply wanted to own the original drawing, and others expressed interest in expounding upon the drawings I created for this month’s fun drawing challenge.

I decided to teach myself a couple of things and offer some of the better offerings from #Drawloween as a vector flash/arsenal pack. The end result is 11 hand drawn pieces inspired by the season and holiday, delivered in both vector and high resolution raster formats. They are royalty free and require no credit when used.

So get creative! Decorate your home for Halloween, get that spooky tattoo you always wanted, take these bits and pieces and turn them into something new and fresh and unique by combining them with other assetts and brushes and colors and textures. The possibilities are endless!

JDecker’s Spoopy Seasonal
Digital Flash/Design Arsenal
Vector Pack

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