The Artbreaker Discography Available Once More – Almost Entirely!

I spent a long while trying to erase myself from the internet over the years, only to finally realize that:

A – It’s not possible
B – A lot people don’t want that

So, I’ve collected the largest cross-section of my music as The Artbreaker on the newly launched Bandcamp page associated with that namesake. Right now, rough;y 75% of my output as The Artbreaker is there. This includes a good chunk of vinyl releases now digitized, most of the stuff from my Bludclot Recordings netlabel that I ran, and bits and pieces from other labels – both physical and digital – that I released music with over the years. This is easily the largest one stop shop for my music, even at just about 75% of it, that’s ever been collected in on place.

You can purchase individual tracks for just $1.00USD or albums and EPs for no more than $6.66USD – most of them much less than that – or the entire available discography for right around $25USD. Please do any combination of those.

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The Artbreaker on Bandcamp

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