Walmart Goes Metal!

A group I’m a part of on Facebook for artists and designers specializing in or working heavily in the realm of “metal” has fun competitions to re-vamp or re-design logos for bands, businesses, and franchises of all sorts. They’re lighthearted, no prizes won or anything, just a cool way to interact with one another as artists and designers and have a little creative fun in the process.

The most recent competition was to redesign the Walmart logo in a heavy metal fashion, whatever that meant to each of the artists. There were 40 submissions and the submissions run the spectrum of style and influence. You can view and vote for your favorite of the competition right now.

I’ve included my two submissions here, but we had to choose only one if we submitted multiple entries. I ultimately ended up choosing the more death metal style logo rather than the more black metal style logo.

Community Of Metal Designers
Walmart Logo Redesign Competition

P.S. I’ve dropped the ball for several days in a row on my photo a day project and I received an awesome donation in the form of a high quality microphone towards my podcast dream/project.

I have launched my Patreon!

I’m pleased to announce that I have launched my own Patreon as of today!

The scope of the thing is three-fold:

  • Create and get more original work into the hands of those who enjoy my art
  • Get my book written, proofed, shopped around, and released
  • Get a podcast started, with quality equipment and support staff from the jump

Perks, beyond helping me realize these goals, include a JDecker patron-only community, original prints twice yearly, behind the scenes tidbits and previews (text, pics, vids, music), patron-only discount code for use in either of my online shops, pre-release access to my book and the opportunity to proof it, signed copy of the book when it’s released, first access to my limited edition clothing line if I get enough patronage, early access to my podcast if I get enough patronage for that, and your name eternally emblazoned in the pages of my book (and any other such materials that may come about before the book – and there’s ideas cooking there, trust me!).

I will likely add tiers in between and beyond the ones currently available as I sort of fine-tune my workflow and vision. I’m currently wrapping up all of my commission work and, by and large, won’t be taking on any new commission work so there will be a lot more original works from my heart and soul in visual art, music, and writing. I’ve got a tradebook/zine in the works with a long time photography friend, I’m working on new music – original and remix – for the first time in over a year, and I’ve been writing feverishly. To say that there is a lot that’s about to be coming down the pipeline would be a gross understatement.

Currently there are three tiers of patronage available to sign up for and they are delivered in multiples of 3 from small to only kinda big, so you’re sure to find one that fits your budget. Take a look, see where you fit in and get in.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me thus far and believed in me finally having a focus to my vision as a creative and creator. I couldn’t do this without you all, I love you.

Become a Patron!

New original piece available – “Pair01”

A new drawing/piece I recently completed as an exercise for myself is now available for purchase. Titled “Pair02”, it is an exercise in drawing the female form, arguably one of the toughest things to pull off successfully as a visul artist and one of the most beautiful things to behold on this planet.

This shows my return to colored pencil, where I used to flex a rather extreme prowess many many years ago which I sort of forgot about and let fall by the wayside. It was great to get back into it again and doing so with this subject matter was a good test producing a nice final product, I feel.

6″ x 6″ on 70lb paper, shipped free in the USA, and comes with free stickers and buttons.