Walmart Goes Metal!

A group I’m a part of on Facebook for artists and designers specializing in or working heavily in the realm of “metal” has fun competitions to re-vamp or re-design logos for bands, businesses, and franchises of all sorts. They’re lighthearted, no prizes won or anything, just a cool way to interact with one another as artists and designers and have a little creative fun in the process.

The most recent competition was to redesign the Walmart logo in a heavy metal fashion, whatever that meant to each of the artists. There were 40 submissions and the submissions run the spectrum of style and influence. You can view and vote for your favorite of the competition right now.

I’ve included my two submissions here, but we had to choose only one if we submitted multiple entries. I ultimately ended up choosing the more death metal style logo rather than the more black metal style logo.

Community Of Metal Designers
Walmart Logo Redesign Competition

P.S. I’ve dropped the ball for several days in a row on my photo a day project and I received an awesome donation in the form of a high quality microphone towards my podcast dream/project.

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