For Immediate Release

For the foreseeable future I am no longer working on commission artwork.

And, yes, I’ve deleted my personal Facebook page. The art page on Facebook may come down, as well.

The short of it is that I’m burnt out and struggling with my mental health. Add those two things to keeping my head above water and getting through *gestures broadly at everything* this and starting a new job and, well… Frankly, I’m simply not capable of tackling everything in the real world and maintaining planned projects/commissions. And I don’t see myself back at the level of productivity I was working under a few months ago any time in the future.

I have a number of agreements on the table right now. Most of those I have started, am working on, or am somewhere near completion. Those will come to fruition, but I would not be honest if I didn’t also state that they will come with further delays. Those works I have not yet started will be refunded if paid for and I will be in touch with those clients in the near future. Essentially, if you’ve seen some sort of progress shot of work I am doing for you, then you can expect to see it completed some point down the road – again, with some delays but not years from now. If a delay is not going to work for you, get in touch with me and I can send what I’ve got and we can come to an agreement on an appropriate course of action and refund percentage based on where I’m currently at with the project.

I apologize to those who feel as though they’ve been left in the dark or like I ghosted on them or ripped them off. That is absolutely not my intention or the actuality. The actuality is that the world is fucking mad right now and I have to focus more on my own shit so I don’t lose grasp of my responsibilities at home, as a parent, as a pet owner, and as someone with mental health issues. I do, however, understand I could have and should have been a little more transparent with where things were heading for me – and subsequently any work you are expecting from me, as I saw this decision coming and felt it looming for a month or two now. I am sorry if you feel wronged, but I am going to make it as right as possible and as I’m able. I will be in touch with everyone soon.

Other than that, I thank each and every one of you for understanding and for the amazing support over the years. I hope everyone else is hanging in there, reach out if you need help. Please.

Lastly, this does not mean that I am done with art. Anything but. So stay tuned.