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Below is a collection of the music I’ve made over the years. Some was released independently, some saw legitimate physical release on CD or vinyl, some saw digital label release, and some never saw release at all until now.

Everything posted, regardless of alias, was produced by JDecker. There’s a lot of variety, so dig in.

DJ mixes and livesets forthcoming and will be indicated as such.

Lastly, if you have some files of my work which are not found here, please send me an email as I am actively trying to recover and host my entire catalog here.


The Artbreaker – “Bea Sides” (full zip)
“New Kind Of Poetry” (mp3)
“Open Up” (mp3)
“Rrrrun” (mp3)

The Artbreaker – “Dark Arko” (full zip)
“Corner” (mp3)
“Dark Rooms, Heavy Bass” (mp3)
“I (Hurt) (Love) You” (mp3)
“Miserable Disaster” (mp3)
“The Sky Is Going To Open Up” (mp3)

The Artbreaker – “Pull Out The Whisky Noodle” (full zip)
“The Furggy Vagipillar” (mp3)
M.I.A. – “Paper Planes” (The Artbreaker Remix) (mp3)
“Sunday Mash” (mp3)
“Dreamsequence” (mp3)
“Exchange Sound For Shape” (mp3)
DJ Ekim – “Elefant Balls” (The Artbreaker Remix) (mp3)
“The Van Allen Belt” (mp3)
“Green Leafy Leinenkoolgel” (mp3)
“Double Double Toil And Trouble” (mp3)
Princess Gold – “BamBam” (The Artbreaker’s BoomBoom Remix) (mp3)
“Timewarp” (mp3)

The Broken Awethor – “The Sound Of Angels Fighting” (full zip)
“Theorhetix01” (mp3)
“The Sound Of Angels Fighting” (mp3)
“Xappalokstep” (mp3)
“Hjarnidaudi’s Pain Broken” (mp3)
“Theorhetix02” (mp3)
“Straight Sound(mp3)
“Saxy Dream Break Jazz” (mp3)

Artbreaker – “Fuck The Industry” (full zip)
“Blowdrift” (mp3)
“Fear And Loathing In Fargo” (mp3)
“Frap” (mp3)
“Have You Seen Him?” (mp3)

The Artbreaker – “Thirty Four Below Dub / Cold Snap” (full zip)
“Thirty Four Below Dub” (mp3)
“Coldsnap” (mp3)

The Future Mister Natsukawa – “Suite For Jun Natsukawa (or Natsukawacore)” (full zip)
“(Jun Natsukawa Is) More Core Than Your Core Is Core” (mp3)
“Moon Of Jun” (mp3)
“Sexual Fantasy Story With Jun Natsukawa” (mp3)
“So Pretty And Fine” (mp3)
“Soundtrack For Our Bedroom” (mp3)
“Wishing For ___ ________, Wanting to __ ______ You, Holler” (mp3)

The Artbreaker – “Blott” (full zip)
Nickynutz – “Who By Fire” (The Artbreaker Remix) (mp3)
“Polarstomp” (mp3)
“Stxnt” (mp3)
“Tundrunk” (mp3)
“Warface” (mp3)

The Artbreaker – “Anxiety Breaks” (full zip)
“Intro” (mp3)
“Far Away” (mp3)
“1;40;0;7F;0;0;80” (mp3)
Living Sacrifice – “Black Veil” (The Artbreaker Unveiled Remix) (mp3)
“Proxy” (mp3)
“Outro” (mp3)

The Artbreaker – “Old Blood” (full zip)
“My Place” (mp3)
“He’ll Kill Us (Just Be Good To Me)” (mp3)
“Shotgun Bwoy Nah Inna Dat” (mp3)
“In The First” (mp3)
“Cavern Tavern” (mp3)
“Killed Dem ‘N Me” (mp3)

The Artbreaker – “WheelLifeHard” (full zip)
“Wheel” (mp3)
“Life” (mp3)
“Hard” (mp3)


The Artbreaker – “Live at Lockdown In O’Town” [2005] (mp3) – live, original tunes
The Artbreaker – “Warfair” [2008] (mp3) dj mix – {tracklist}
The Artbreaker – “Thirsty” [2008] (mp3)

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