I am a retired graffiti artist. After moving from Minneapolis, where I first got into graffiti in middle school, to Fargo, where I continued to write graffiti, I was arrested for – you guessed it – graffiti. My apartment was raided. They took all of my paint, all of my markers, all of my stickers, all of my graff mags, all of my photos (before the digital era here), and even a garbage can that I had tagged. I was charged with a felony. This was 1999. Up until this point, Fargo really hadn’t seen graffiti in the way that I was doing it and with the coverage in which I was doing it. There were people tagging and piecing, but not a whole lot of people were climbing roofs or hitting the alleys behind businesses. Fargo made an example out of me with how I was treated after my arrest.

Not even ten years later, I would be commissioned to paint a mural on a new dance club at one of the busiest intersections within downtown Fargo. Not even twenty years later, Fargo would unveil it’s second legal wall in the heart of downtown. Somewhere in between all that, there would be a series of events with live graffiti being painted on various Fargo businesses.

Fuck Fargo.

But I will always love graffiti and I will always snap pics when I’m able. Now living in Minneapolis once more, I’ll be snapping and adding pics of graffiti I see as I am able to get them. Right here. Check back.

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