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Andrew Schumacher of Zanadu Media:

“Professional work done with excellent customer service. Decker is a multi-faceted graphic designer who can meet your needs better than you can anticipate them.”

Dave Jurenovich of Technical Music Review:

“Hand drawn logos, great communication and professionalism. He charges more for wilder logos, but you KNOW you’re getting a real piece of art in comparison to a digital job. You get what you pay for with Decker… A true pro, good guy, and very reasonable and understanding person. He is a man amongst boys. Totally easy to work with as well. You can’t lose at all here.”

Jeff Moen of No Funeral / Witchden / Trim Reaper:

“Very talented artist. In my opinion his logo game is some of the best I’ve ever seen, hands down. 100% 🔥 Fast turnover, he’s super easy to deal with and his prices are more then fair. I would definitely recommend hiring him for any of your artwork needs.”

Joe Arellano, JR. of Acid Enema / Daft Junk:

“Did an amazing job on our album artwork, great work on a commissioned piece and other artwork I have purchased through him. Solid dude, easy to work with and quick. Can’t recommend him enough.”

David Sommerhauser of Blodwar:

“He’s a great artist, I highly recommend him. He made a killer custom design for my band BLODWAR and works with a ton of artists in the local music scene. Hopefully we can work together again in the near future.”

Simon Milek of Malapert:

“Awesome artist that I’ve bought artworks from in the past, had a commission piece done for a logo which I couldn’t of asked for better. I look forward to the next piece I need / get as the service is always professional and the turn around for the quality of work is amazing.”

AJ Anderson of Necktie Suicide:

“JDecker is hands down one of the best artists my band worked with. We just gave him an idea and he ran with it. We were more than happy with the results, and would work with him again in the future. He’s a “wizard” with any medium he works with in my opinion since we do have one of his original pieces hanging on the wall in our home. Commission him for your next project, you won’t be disappointed.”

Drew Blood of Coffinrot:

“Fair prices and solid work ethic, JDeckerArt is your go to for all your arts needs!”

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